Waterdog NANO Concentrated Hemp Extract Horse & Large Animal

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NOTE: This product is not available for sale or shipment into California. 

Waterdog® Nano Horse & Large Animal is developed for horses and other large animals.

For horses and other large animals
Smaller dosing giving bigger results
Up to 12x better absorption than regular CBD
Made with Organic Hemp Oil
3rd party tested
Total bioavailability

Waterdog® Nano Micro Emulsion Hemp has been demonstrated to absorb significantly better than regular CBD that doesn’t utilize a nanotechnology delivery system. Nanotechnology allows us to stabilize a normally unstable CBD molecule in water, making it not only more effective in animals but also significantly easier to give in applications.

Waterdog® Nano Micro Emulsion Hemp has been scientifically demonstrated to absorb in to the bloodstream more quickly and stay in the bloodstream longer than regular CBD.  Because of its superior absorption, a much smaller dose can yield more effective results, making it a healthier, more efficient, and a more economical choice. With numerous tests proving absorption, bioavailability and long term shelf stability you won’t find a more comprehensive CBD product on the market.

Our Proprietary Blend Utilizes two patented and proven delivery systems in combination with broad spectrum CBD to maximize bioavailability and take advantage of the numerous health benefits that cannabidoils offer.


Waterdog Nano vs Regular CBD

  • Nano Emulsion Technology allows for better, faster absorption into body
  • Starts working within 30 minutes and lasts up to 24 hours, eliminating the need for multiple doses
  • Helps maintain calmness
  • Supports occasional discomfort
  • Helps maintain normal inflammatory response


Waterdog Nano Hemp Extract